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Kome Kome Club - Shari-sharithm (1985)
E•B•I•S (1986)
Kome Kome Club - Singles (1986)
GO FUNK (1988)
51/2 (1989)
K2C Love (1991)
Kome Kome Club (1991)
Octave (1992)
Holy Kome Night (1992)
K2C Plays KC2
PHI (1993)
PHI II (1994)
DECADE (1995)
Sorry Music Entertainment (1995)
H2O (1996)
Pushed Rice (1997)
Kome Kome Club - Harvest Singles 1985-1992 (1997)
Kome Kome Club - Harvest Singles 1992-1997 (1997)
The Last Symposium Live (1997)
Kome Kome Club - The Star Box


I•CAN•BE (1995)
Shake Hip! (1986)
GAYU-Kuwa Abura (1986)
TIME STOP (1988)
XXXXX (1990)
XXXXX (1990)
Hitosujininarenai (1991)
Kimi Ga Iru Dake De (1992)
Toki No Tabiji (1993)
Ai Wa Fushigisa (1993)
Abracadabra (1994)
Ore Iro Ni Somare (1994)
Wonderful Sunday (1995).
Just My Friend (1995)
XXXXX (1995)
Stylish Woman (1996)
Special Love (1997)

Sue Cream Sue Albums

Sue Cream Sue: Complete Suecrealism
Suec with The Shuru Shuru Band - Super Greatest Hits~Deluxe Album

Big Horns Bee Albums

BHB 1: Big Horns Bee
BHB 2: Big Horns Bee
BHB 3: Big Horns Bee
Big Horns Bee For You

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