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K2C Album Promotional Goods

GO FUNK (1988)
K2C Love (1991)
Kome Kome Club (1991)
Octave (1992)
K2C Plays KC2
PHI (1993)
Sorry Music Entertainment (1995)
H2O (1996)

K2C Concert Promotional Goods

Neo Sharisharism - 1986
Radical Sharisharism - 1987
Post Sharisharism
The Last Sharisharism SPACE - 1988
B.C. Sharisharism - 1989
Sharisharism 7: KICK NOCK - 1989
Sharisharism 7: 2MUCH 2IST - 1989
Sharisharism 7: CO-CONGA - 1989
Sharisharism TARO: TiTi -1990
Sharisharism TARO: HaHa - 1990
Sharisharism Art Work: ART UP - 1990
Sharisharism Art Work: WORK UP - 1990
Anti Sharisharism ANO - 1991
Anti Sharisharism UNO - 1991
AU Sharisharism - 1991
Sharisharism DECADENCE - 1992
Sharisharism ACE (8th of Ace) - 1993 (The 8th Anniversary)
K2C to KC2
Sharisharism THETA - 1994 (The 10th Anniversary)
Sharisharism IOTA - 1994 (The 10th Anniversary)
A K2C Entertainment: Opera Blue - 1995
A K2C Entertainment: The Last Symposium - 1997

General Items
Tegata Boards

Sue Cream Sue Promotional Goods

General Items
Suec Super Greatest Hits
Suec 2 Recital

Big Horns Bee Promotional Goods

General Items

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