Sharisharism 7: 2much 2ist  

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Here are images of original Kome Kome Club programs.  They are difficult to come by, especially if you don't live in Japan.  Kome Kome Club programs can be mainly found on Japanese Internet auctions.  Japanese language.

Shairsharism 7: 2much 2ist Concert Program (April 21-22,1989).

Carl Smoky Ishii.

Bon and Joplin Tokunoh.

J.O. showing off his "member" of the band.

K2C Band Members

James Onoda: ONODA YASUHIDE - Vocal
Carl Smoky Ishii: ISHII TATSUYA - Vocal
Bon: OHKUBO KENSAKU - Bass Guitar
Joplin Tokunoh: TOKUNOH RITSURO - Guitar
Flash Kaneko: KANEKO TAKAHIRO - Saxaphone
Minako: ISHII MINAKO - Vocal, Dance
Mari: AMAGAYA MARI - Vocal, Dance
Kawai Wakaba: KAWAI WAKABA (B.H.B.) - Trombone
Himarayan Shimogami: SHIMOGAMI TATSUYA (B.H.B.) - Trumpet
Oka Kurara: KURAOKA TAKAHISA (Deshabarism Kenshusei)

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